Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall in Ontario

Hello! This year Kara and Rifqi and I have decided to try and explore a different part of Toronto every Saturday, or at least go out and find some cool free stuff to do outside of campus and our part of downtown. Last Saturday Rifqi couldn't come, but Kara and I went to Evergreen Brick Works out by the Don Valley Parkway. It's an old abandoned brick factory that they're turning into a community center/park thing. So they were having some kind of grand opening or something, even though it's mostly not done yet. But there was a lot of cool old broken buildings around, and a LOT of awesome free food.

Also we got a little lost and found these cool shelves.

Colourful milk crates! The food was amazing and very autumn-y. There was spiced apple cider that tasted like liquid apple sauce (which is a good thing), and I had roasted corn for the first time and it was awesome. There were pumpkins lying around and the fall colours were just starting to come out.

East coast fall looks different to me than west coast fall. I think there are less oak trees here. It's really pretty.

In the evening we went to a mini film festival on Queen St that we had free tickets to. They showed 7 short films, 4 Canadian and 3 international. They were better than we were expecting them to be. Before we went to that, though, Kara wanted to get poutine...

...so I had my first-ever poutine experience.

It tasted pretty much the same as it looked.


mom said...

Yay!! New blog post!!
The giant flowers on the buildings look so cool! Fall is the best time in Ontario.
I can't believe you ate poutine. They served fries with gravy at the cafeteria at my high school. It grossed me out.

claire said...


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo. Looks like you had fun, tried a few new things & posted some great photos. Luv it all !!

Claire said...

i love the giant flowers in the dilapidated brick buildings!

its starting to get fall-y here too. are you getting snow soon?

get us posted on the saturday adventures!

caro said...

Hey Erin
Jay's sister Britt was just here and she was showing me her lasted installation at the Brickworks...She did the milkcrates and shelves! It was meant to be an installation from all recycled stuff.
Hope you are enjoying the fall. The colours here in Apsley are awesome.
-Aunt Carolyn