Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I need a rug

Hi! I got to Toronto yesterday and brought all my stuff up to my room, and now it's about 85% unpacked and organized. I'll post pictures of my room after everything is finished. It's bigger than my room last year, plus I don't have a roommate! I have a normal, non-lofted bed and a normal desk and a bookshelf and a closet. I got the suite at the end of the hall on the fourth floor, and I have three suitemates, and one of them is the don of the floor. This means probably no parties in my suite, less suitemates, and a bigger and nicer common room in my suite! Yaaayyy! I haven't met the other two girls yet. One is from New York and one is from Quebec.

These are some photos from my second roll of film from my Fujipet camera. I bought it off of someone from Flickr cause it's hard to find, especially outside of Japan. I didn't post the first roll cause it didn't come out very well, except for this picture of a guy juggling basketballs on a unicycle in Corvallis:

So anyway, here are some pictures.

Today I spent the day shopping for stuff for my room and toiletries and stamps and school supplies. And unpacking and organizing my room. Then I went to a free concert with Kara at a record store called Sonic Boom (where I saw the Weakerthans last year). It was a Toronto band called The Beauties who are "alt-country folk rock." They were not very good but not very bad either. For a free concert I would say it was worth it. Then we went and hung out at Kara's place for awhile. Then I walked home. Soon I might watch a movie with Hilary the don and someone else.
Tomorrow I'm going to the clubs fair in the morning since Elise is getting everyone to sign up for Amnesty International because she's the president and pretty much the only member right now. Then Kara and I are going to Little Italy to see Little Italy, and also to buy Matt & Kim tickets at Soundscapes. Then I'm going with Kara and Paula and probably Paula's boyfriend to a luau-themed frat party, even though I hate frat parties. However, I was assured that this one would be different... since it's luau-themed.
On Thursday I'm going to Ikea with Bachan! I hope I can find a good rug. If I don't find one at Ikea, I have absolutely no idea where else to look! So yeah I hope I find one there.


Claire said...

I need
... a hammer


also, your dad has such bad computer posture in that picture!

also also, wtf is with you and that basketball hoop

Edward said...

No special thank you's to your dad or me for helping move all your stuff? ok

Hope you get along better with your suite mates than you did with Molly.

Claire said...

yay glad you made it in one piece!

the don sounds like an italian mafia leader.

no frat party is different.

mom said...

I'm so glad the unicycle juggling picture turned out!! It's awesome.

I agree that Dad and Edward should get a thank you for moving your stuff.

Hope you find good stuff at Ikea! You're so lucky Bachan can take you!!

Hope you see some celebrities.
love, mom

alv said...

I have bad computer posture even while I'm typing this comment!

Edward, don't worry, Erin is just waiting for the right moment to thank us - probably in her next post.

Hey Erin, if you see Nicole next week, tell her that if the whole thing with her and Keith falls apart she should get in touch.

caro said...

Great photos Erin!!!
Love the shot of Al in the new condo. It looks like he has an Abe Lincoln in that photo....and why is he sitting next to bongo drums??