Monday, September 13, 2010

Celebrities everywhere!!

It was the first day of classes today! I had calc and physics in the morning, and east asian history at 6. When I left for history I went out the door and saw....

THE FONZ!!! (Better known as Barry from Arrested Development)

I only had time to take one picture but I like how it turned out! He was a few steps down the street at Bader Theater (where I have philosophy!) because they're screening movies there for the film festival and I looked it up and his son wrote the screenplay for the movie that was there tonight. Uma Thurman was apparently coming in a second, but I had to get to class.

Later tonight I went with Kara and Rifqi to where Natalie Portman's movie was premiering. It was a lot more crazy and even though we got there almost an hour early there was still a HUGE crowd at this barrier they had up around the pathway that the people walk down. I pushed through a little but it was so packed that I couldn't get any further. So almost all of my pictures came out like this:

Reaching as far up as I could, because I am short and everyone else was normal-sized. Fortunately there was a very nice tall guy next to me who saw that I was freakishly short and offered to take some pictures for me. Thanks, tall guy!! Here's Natalie Portman:

Winona Ryder was also there, I saw her but didn't get any pictures. Also Barbara someone and Dominic someone (not Charlie). I got this picture of the white tent thing they walked into so that the paparazzis could get photos. I think the person in there is Mila Kunis, cause I know she was there but I wasn't sure which one she was cause I couldn't see very well. All I know is that people started shouting "MILAAAAAA" when she came out. It doesn't really look like her, but I think it is?

Here's a terrifying picture of the paparazzi...

It was definitely a weird experience. I preferred bumping into Henry Winkler though. Here is a closeup of him and an intimidating asian guy. And a girl who looks weirdly like me in the background.


alv said...

I can't believe you saw Arthur Fonzarelli! And you had a calculus lecture. What an awesome day!!!

Claire said...

you saw natalie portman??!!!!!

how are classes and life going?

mom said...

That is so cool! I love Henry Winkler and he looks so happy! He must be proud of his kid. Just like I felt when I read that you went to class instead of waiting for Uma Thurman!!

Claire said...

yeah that's def her. not that I would know because I've never seen anyone remotely famous apart from ok go and i acted like a moron then.

"hey how are you"

still cant believe you didnt fonz him. you tard.

miss you like mad!

Marinna said...

so very jealous. my only brush with fame was with a pseudo diva who might have made me carry an umbrella over her head! Try and go see a movie for me so I can live vicariously through you!

Hope everything else is going well too!