Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hauling all my stuff across the continent

Hello! I'm in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We are waiting out some storms here and going to Brantford, Ontario early tomorrow morning.

These are some photos from a Holga roll I shot in Nova Scotia (except the first one which is in Portland). Half the roll came out like crap and half I really liked. The mastodons are from Mastodon Ridge, which is halfway between the north pole and the equator, and we played mini golf there.

Right now my dad and I are staying in a slightly sketchy Ramada. When we first got here and went to our room, there was someone's stuff still lying around in it. So we tried to go back down to the lobby, but the elevator was broken and this latino lady kept saying all the stairs led to nowhere. So we eventually made it down through the parking garage elevator, and they assigned us to a new room with a little microwave in it.

We went for dinner at restaurant/bar close by and the food was really good. We sat next to a huge window so we had a good view of the lightning storm that started up. There was a lot of lightning, it was really cool. At one point all the streetlights went out and it took a few minutes for them to power back on again. We thought we were going to have to walk back in the torrential rain but luckily it stopped raining right before we left.

So, I move in in four days and classes start a week later. I hope my room is alright. At least it will for sure be better than last year. That's all! Tomorrow we will travel to Canada early in the morning.


Claire said...

I miss you already!
I feel like I haven't seen you since the fireflies danced and many a barn was raised.

which is like... mid august.

MASTADONS MINI GOLF??? you live a charmed life, my dear

alv said...

Oh, Claire. What did you do to get a city named after you?

Now we are in Apsley. And Erin is making me a sandwich. yay! She just almost cut her finger off cutting cheese. yikes! And now she is complaining about how no one comments on her blog anymore. boo!

Edward said...

yosup see you in 2 days!


Claire said...

erin why are you always complaining about people not commenting on your blog.
I am someone!
except for I keep being told I might not actually be someone in my philosophy class.
sighhh :C

Claire said...

where the hell did you see a mammoth!

i clearly wasn't in the right part of wisconsin.

Claire said...


Lianne said...

Those Mastodons sure are photogenic. Aren't you glad you've been to Stewiake Nova Scotia