Sunday, August 29, 2010


I got this little Korean toy camera off of ebay awhile ago for really cheap. It has three lenses and a robot on the front!

I ran a test roll through it awhile ago and I thought it was kind of cool.

I went with Claire to the fair. There was a clown that made me frown.

I leave on Tuesday so I'm supposed to be packing. Apparently Ian and Scott are trying to make cookies upstairs and Scott just put a metal saucepan in the microwave. I just ordered a mini fridge to rent for the school year, it will be nice to be able to keep all my film in there. Now I am going to pack. SO MUCH PACKING. See you in another life, brotha!


Claire said...


Claire said...

I love your new robocam! I like the dead end picture best. It reminds me of your fail bowl :]

good luck packing! I wish I could help you, cause you prolly need it nstuff.


Claire said...

also omg the time on my comment made me freak out cause I thought it was two hours later than it really was.


Claire said...

lol you prolly thought you had so many comments from all your readers.
all your comment box are belong to me.

Edward said...

We Koreans make good cameras.

Number one quarity! the best!

Erin Vermeulen said...

Man, Lost was a terrible show.

Eddy Baby said...

Owl City is a truly revolutionary band.

Claire said...

love the fair pictures!