Friday, August 27, 2010

I really don't have a title

I'm in Portland right now! Marinna is leaving tomorrow and then I'll be the only one left in Corvallis. Except Jonny, who I'm supposed to go to Coffee Culture with. I won't be able to get any medium format film developed for awhile, since I'm not back in Toronto until the 6th, and then I'll have to find somewhere to get film developed, and such. Between Tuesday and then, I'll be in Apsley partying with Finn and Ollie. I guess I won't be able to get any 35mm developed either. But between now and when I leave I'll be able to get 35mm developed if I want, since it takes only an hour or so and for medium format I'd have to wait at least a week, by which time I will be gone... so I guess you get it now and I should stop typing about it.
Anyway that's okay for me because I have a ton of film photos backed up right now. A TON. Here are a few. This is a Holga roll from way back in July or whatever month I was in Apsley with Edward (except the first two are in Halifax).

lol edward.

The senior photos went pretty well and I'm finally all done editing them and I've given them out on disks to Jonny and John's parents. Now I just need to pack up all my shit before I leave!


Edward said...

Please consider taking those pictures of me down.


Claire said...

edward is su cute

Claire said...

oh edward.

erin i saw john's senior pics- they're spectacular! sorry if my mom roped you into doing christmas pictures :/

lemme know before you leave for canada!

ps we are looking for artwork in our house - if i printed some of your pictures to your credit would that be ok yez?

Erin said...

yeah that would be fine! let me know if you need any hi-def versions for printing, since the ones i post here are just lower quality copies.