Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hi! Everyone is leaving now. Soon I will be all alone in Corvallis again. But not for that long, because we're going to Canada around the end of August. These pictures are from my Holga and taken in Nova Scotia. I thought that it was colour film when I was shooting, but it was actually black and white. AAUAGHHGHG
But it turned out ok, I like them a lot more as a set of photos than as individual photos though (except for the lamp picture above).
Today I'm going to take Ian and Jonny's senior pictures. Tomorrow I'm doing Claire Fro's brother's pictures. I've never really done anything like that before, so I'm looking forward to it. Also it will give me a chance to do some digital photography, since I've been doing a lot of film stuff recently. I don't have any really great portrait lenses, but I have a couple that I think will work alright.
What do you think makes a good portrait photograph? I think something that reflects the subject's personality and captures them at their best is desirable for a senior photo. I never came forward and said "hey let me do your senior photos," so I'm happy that people thought of me to do senior photos for them.


Edward said...

The lamp one is my favorite.

Keep up the good work!

Miss you~

mom said...

Interesting pictures!
I like the one that looks like Lianne is standing on top of a huge mountain range with Owen.

Claire said...

I luh luh luhve the pictures.
especially the eerie rock pictures.
I want to seeeee the portraits!

also, to respond to your question about what makes a portrait good... the answer is me. it needs lots of me in it.

Lianne said...

the pictures of Cap d'Or look great. I great way to film that beautiful landscape.