Thursday, August 05, 2010

It's August!

Hii. I'm blogging again about nothing in particular. Mostly so that I can post these photos that I took quite awhile ago!

They're from my Holga with expired black and white Kodak film. I took most of them at Hoover school when I went there with Claire and Domo-kun, and a couple are from when I went to the riverfront to watercolour paint with Claire Fro. I wasn't sure whether or not to put these up, but I figured I would anyway since I don't think most of you look at my Flickr and I wanted to make a post. It's my first-ever roll of black and white film!

I found an awesome website! This one:

Tomorrow I'm going to camp in Claire Fro's backyard. I've heard tales of hobo sightings in that area, hmmm. I've also heard that Marinna will be there. That girl is always stirring up trouble. But I'm sure it will be fine as long as Claire doesn't give me anymore Vietnamese "candy"... I don't think the taste will ever leave my mouth.

Soon everyone will be leaving for school and I'll be left behind all alone in Corvallis once again, as my school doesn't start until mid September. I was told I'd get a move-in date soon, so I'm still waiting for that. I am really excited for next year! I hope I can get into my physics class... I'll find out tomorrow. I can sign up at 6am Toronto time, which is 3am here. So I'll be setting my alarm tonight... ohhh the suspense.

My mom heard on NPR or something that they're going to make a movie out of Norwegian Wood, a book by my favorite author, Haruki Murakami. And they're going to be premiering it at the Toronto International Film Festival in the fall! During TIFF last year I was just getting used to the city, so I didn't really pay all that much attention to it and I didn't see any celebrities even though they were apparently swarming all over Toronto. But next year a couple of my friends and I have decided to go star-spotting, which I think will be cool! I hope we see some people.

Edward was telling me about a creepy experience he had at Casa Loma, this old castle place in Toronto. It freaked me out. So, do you believe in ghosts? Tell me!! Baiiii!


mom said...

You should definitely go to Casa Loma when you're back in Toronto. It's totally haunted and full of secret passageways.
Love the photos!!

Claire said...

you spell watercolor like a brit.

did you know loma means "hillock"? hmm.

mom said...

And Casa Loma is built on a small hill!!
Thanks, Claire. I never knew why it was called Casa Loma!!

Claire said...

she blinded ME
with science!

uhhhhhhhhhhh okay good.
tell me if yousee anyone cool when starspotting.
like mel gibson

Edward said...

I saw the rooms at Casa Loma where they filmed X-Men. true story.

Claire said...

LOVEEEE the new layout.