Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hiii. Summer's almost over. Classes start for me on September 13th and I move in on the 6th. We're going to Canada early though, to stay in Apsley for awhile. I'm not sure when we leave... but I should probably find out so that I know when to start packing. Packing should be pretty easy for me though, since I never really unpacked.

Here are some airplane-themed photos from my Golden Half camera. It shoots half a frame at a time on 35mm film. I hope I can find somewhere in Toronto to develop film for me...

I have my full schedule now. I got in to my physics class and both of the practical sections that I needed. There was only one spot left in one of the sections and two in the other section, and I got in to them both! Hooray! So next year I'll be taking Physics, Calc, East Asian History, Anthropology, and Philosophy. Edward is in my anthro class! I can't wait to see him again.

Umm, I changed the blog layout. I really liked the other one but it was getting old. Now Domo-kun is going to be my blog guardian for awhile.

In order to whore out my posts for more comments, I thought maybe I'd ask a question at the end of each post. Do you think that's a good idea??


Edward said...

You clearly put more effort into making you banner than you did mine.

There, I said it.

clurr said...

a) that's a stupid idea. DAW SHIT I FELL FOR IT.

b) i kind of liked the zebra better. idk. this is good too.

c) edward, the banners that erin made for you were awesome. CHILLAXX

d) for some reason, typing out chillax made me think of ex-lax. so now everytime I say "chillax" I'm going to think chillaxative. faaaaaantastic

Erin said...

I liked the zebra too but it made me kind of dizzy!

Claire said...

why would they make a camera that takes half a picture.

alv said...

I think it's a great idea! and I'm digging the new banner. -dad