Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cool for Cats

Hello the few of you that still read this. It's still summer and I'm eating Froot Loops. I once found a Froot Loop with a heart-shaped hole, but I didn't take a picture because I was too hungry.

These pictures are from a Holga roll I shot at the Whitakers' house, where I sometimes cat-sit. I was really happy with how it came out!

I recently returned from a Vermeulen family reunion in Sooke, BC. I haven't been to a reunion in many a year and it was nice to see everyone. It was at my great-aunt and uncles's house, which has a loft and a huge high peaked ceiling and huuuuge windows looking out at the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We slept in tents in their backyard.

Now I'm going to take a break from all the extremely hard work I've been doing on this post to go pick up some negatives from Oregon Camera.

Yay, I'm back! Why is it so busy downtown? I'm so hungry. Our freezer got stuck open or something and now everything is frozen together by tons of ice. I hope the microwave burritos are okay.

Hooray, they are okay! I'm eating one now. This post really doesn't have a point, except to post some photos. This burrito is awesome, too bad they don't have them in Toronto.

I signed up for classes and got into all the ones I wanted, except for physics, but I have to wait until August 6 for that. The other classes I'm taking are Calc, Premodern East Asian History, and Philosophy. All of the Japanese classes overlap with at least one of my required classes, so I'm looking into Japanese summer programs. But I'll try to keep studying it myself during the school year.

I got a single room next year, so no roommate, hooray! I am looking forward to having my own room. Also I'll be in a different building, so maybe not so many Burwash Bugs? Last year I was on the first floor, which was bad because there were less people and less sense of community on that floor, but good because it was close to the common room and I didn't have to go up and down stairs all the time. Also it made moving in a lot easier. Next year I'll be on the 4th floor (but there are elevators in my new building).

I went and saw Inception awhile ago with the Claires. It was really good. I'm bad at reviewing movies so that's pretty much all I can say. Ellen Page was in it, I like her. I want to see it again sometime because I think I would be less confused the second time around and I'd probably understand things better in the end.

That's pretty much it (because this is the last picture lolololol), life will probably get more exciting as school gets closer but for now I am enjoying the relaxed nature of things.


Claire said...

i was all over downtown today but i didn't see you!

why are cats so photogenic? nice pictures, they're purrrrrrfect.


ps you suck at answering your mobile phone.

Lianne said...

What lovely cats. I really like the photo of the mini with the stones over it.

Great seeing you in Halifax.

oma said...

nice pictures Erin. You should post some Sooke pictures next time.
we had tons of fun and we all survived the ziplining.

Edward said...

you sure love your burritos~ <3

clurr said...

i could have sworn I already commented on this.
anyway, LOL FAT CAT.
lol john tesh.
I love the last picture! where is that?

Erin said...

it's at the whitakers' house! they have weird trees out front.