Monday, October 25, 2010

Toronto-style nature

On Saturday I went to High Park with Kara and Rifqi. It's a giant naturey area with greenhouses, nature trails, tennis courts, and a zoo! It was nice to get away from the city for a bit. A group of asian tourists offered to take our picture in front of the "High Park" sign:

It was super pretty because of all the colourful autumn leaves and everything. East coast fall is a bit different than west coast fall, I think there's just a lot more pine trees on the west coast.

Here's a picture of some nice ducks

Here's me taking that picture

Whoaa, right!?
We spent 4 or 5 hours going around there. There was a children's "adventure park" which was basically a condensed, fire-safe version of the old wildcat park in Corvallis. It was awesome! Here is some of it:

Doesn't it look just like wildcat park?! We sat on a bench near there and Rifqi told us about how much joy he gets from making little kids cry. Whenever a kid passed by he'd open his eyes really wide at them to freak them out. What the hell?! I told him he was a sociopath and he seemed really surprised that Kara and I didn't enjoy scaring kids. Here he is among some Canadian geese, which he had never seen before:

We checked out the little zoo, these are some mouflon sheep, or something:

There were also peacocks, bison, emu, llamas, yaks, those emo-looking furry cattle, and wallabies. So I guess I took a picture of the boring-est animal. :/ But my memory card can only hold 30 or so photos so I didn't want to waste them on animals sitting around.

Last week I went to the debut of the Weakerthans documentary thing with Elise. John Samson did a live set and the whole night was super amazing. We got to talk to him afterward and he remembered us from last year and said he liked my new hair! The next night I went to the horseshoe tavern with Kara to see them do a free concert with Jim Bryson, because they just released a collab album (which is awesome) and they were playing all the songs from it. I love Jim Bryson too so it was doubly amazing. We were right up front and part way through Kara passed out! It was super weird! Stephen Carroll, the Weakerthans guitarist, helped me get her to the back room, and John Samson came and stuff, and it was crazy! He was like, "oh hey!" to me and gave her orange juice and stuff and she was fine, but we got to chill in the weakerthan's room for awhile. I accidentally left my jacket back there so before we left I had to go back and get it, and Jim Bryson was back there! He was like "is your friend okay?" He seemed really nice! I talked to him for a little while and the weakerthans were milling around packing up instruments in the background and it was kind of surreal.

Anyway, I organized all my clothes by colour yesterday and suddenly I have a ton more space? How did that happen? I'm liking the fall this year.


Claire said...

a) hooooooly shit you're such a groupie.

b) I'm glad I finally got to talk to you last night!

c) Rif Queef kinda worries me.

d) Fall is so fucking beautiful. too bad it's pretty much over here now that we just had a stupid gigantic wind storm.

ian said...

Old Wildcat Park kicks the shit out of that park. Old wildcat park is the greatest park of all time

Claire said...

i love your life!