Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hi! Yesterday I explored Greektown with Rifqi and Kara. We went for lunch first at a place Kara had heard about. It was pretty inside with Greek-looking pillars and everything. I had chicken souvlaki and we also got this appetizer thing called saganaki. Basically it's fried cheese and they bring it to your table and pour vodka on it and set it on fire and yell "OPA!!" Everything about it was amazing. I also tried a dolma which was I think rice and something else wrapped in a grape leaf. It was really really lemony and I didn't like it much. The hummus there was awesome though. Here's a picture of the saganaki:

Mmmm. We found a cool (non-Greek) store where we made Rifqi wear funny hats.

Bahahaha. I bought a badass hat there. Here we have Rifqi and me posing douchily.

This is inside a cafe we went to. We got a banana split to share. It was awesome.

Rifqi took the wafer bit, but I got the cherry. Poor Kara was too slow to get anything special. We also found a sketchy "discount store" where I bought a flashy deck of Pokemon playing cards for a dollar. The backs are all sparkly. I also got one of those awesome pencils with the leads that you take out when it goes flat and stick in the bottom, and there's a sharp one underneath. I haven't had one of those in so long! Rifqi was amazed that I was enough of a loser to know all the names of the pokemon on the cards. I tried to explain to him that Pokemon was cool, but he kept talking about how hot Misty was.

The Greek stuff in Greektown was mostly restaurants and travel agencies, plus a ton of old Greek guys milling about. It was overall a cool place to go and hang out. Afterwards Rifqi and I met Elise in the subway and then went to Eaton Centre, and then me and Elise went to a Kate Nash concert. It was really good, she is awesome live! The opening band, Peggy Sue, was amazing! I've never seen an opening band that good.

Anyway I know when I'll be home for winter break now. I get to Corvallis in the evening on December 17th and leave on January 9th. Yay!


Claire said...

oh my gosh you posted this in the future!!!
anyway, greek sounds really fucking amazing right now. I would go out and eat some, but I've literally eaten in like once this entire weekend. soooooo that's not good for my wallet.


I've heard some of her stuff, but I don't actually have any... :/

I are muy muy excited to see you in december <3

mom said...

Ah Rifqi...he never disappoints.
Sounds like a great day.
I love the first picture of the street sign!!
See you soon.
Love, mom

ian said...

dude, speaking of pokemon. Levi started playing pokemon red again and know like three more of my friends are playing pokemon too. He somehow started a pokemon resurgence at school.