Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blonded by the light

I went blonde. And like any sane, healthy person would do after a major hair change, I photobooth'd.

I'm going back in a couple weeks to go lighter.
And yes Claire I will bleach my eyebrows, at least a little bit!


Claire said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

it looks amazing!

Claire said...

PS nice clint eastwood pose.

ian said...

Balls man

Claire said...

you straight up look like asian gwen stefani.
shit gurl you betta dye them eyebrows you be trippin like fug kate winslet

except for you're not fug

but the conceptual eyebrow to hair contrast is.


Claire said...

haaaa kate winslet.

alv said...

now that you're blonde, how will you understand calculus?!

Marinna said...

blonde becomes you beautifully!

caro said...

Shrewd move Erin.

Al's right. Math. Science. Anything cerebral will take extra work.

Lianne said...

It brings out your Dutch side.