Sunday, March 07, 2010


It's finally been getting warmer in Toronto! Apparently this is supposed to be a "false spring" and it's going to snow again soon, but I hope they're wrong.
Yesterday I hung out with Edward for most of the day and we wandered around downtown Toronto. In the evening I went with Kara to a free concert at Soundscapes, a music store in Little Italy.

The band was Zeus and they were actually really good. They remind me a little bit of Wilco, but more rock-y. The store was crowded to the back when we got there, but we pushed and shoved to the very front. Yay us! Here is a bad picture of the small crowded store:

Soundscapes does free in-store concerts pretty often. A lot of the bands are from Toronto, which is cool. Of Montreal played an in-store in 2007! But they're from Georgia, not Toronto.
Since we were at the front, the band was about 5 feet away from us:

They had a pretty long set for a free concert and played most of the songs from their album, which we bought afterward. The band members were hanging around later and most people had left, and for some reason I had a sharpie in my purse. So we got our albums signed by all 4 of them:

Walking back, we saw Zeus on the cover of Now:

Sweet. After listening to the CD I think they sound better live (which I think is impressive). But I still really like the CD too. When I got back I played Super Smash Bros (N64 version) in the common room with Neil and Naufil. I kicked their asses. Well, I kicked Naufil's ass. Neil kicked my ass.

Horrifying Rifqi quote of the day:
"Elton John is part of the Beatles, right?"

First Evan, now Rifqi. What is it about Elton John.


Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Why no concerts at Happy Trails?!
Oh ya, it's Corvallis.

How was the AGO? Did you end up going?

I'm watching the Oscar red carpet right now. Holy cow, Zoe Saldana looks like a stick person! Literally!

Hope Avatar doesn't win!

Love you!

PS. I deleted my first attempt at a comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,
Enjoy "false spring" while it lasts - I was out raking leaves in a T-shirt today!!. We don't get real spring until June.

Aunt Lianne

alv said...

free concert == awesome! are u watching oscars tonight? I want Inglorious Basterds to win! Good luck on the early spring.

Claire said...

SUPER SMASH represent :)

this week was a good week for concerts! i got to see matt costa. he was pretty good but high out of his mind. which was kind of amusing until he stopped playing songs in the middle and complaining of hangnails then telling endless pointless stories. but it was enjoyable :)

toronto's looking pretty :) we are having a false spring too. we've been sunbathing all weekend but its supposed to snow this week. hmm.

miss you!

Claire said...

my boyfriend and your... rifqi are on equal stupidity levels. pretty sure that's worse for me, although you have to see rifqi equally as often as I see evan

zeus is a tight name for a band!

Erin said...

yeah, we went to the AGO wednesday night and it was really cool. when are you going to go see the indigo girls?

Dawn said...

Indigo Girls on March 23rd at LaSalles.