Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She blinded me... with SCIENCE!

On Saturday I went to this thing with Elise and Kara called Kollaboration, it's basically an Asian thing where they show off Asian talent and there's a competition thing like a talent show. Wowww that was a really good description. I'm too lazy to change it. Anyway it was in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, right next to the CN tower, and it was super rainy and windy and we went around for like 20 minutes trying to find the right place, but we made it eventually. Pretty much everyone there was Asian (mostly Korean) and everyone was like "yay being Asian!" and I was like, does half-Asian count, and feeling very conflicted about my background and where I belong STORYOFMYLIFE. Other than that it was really fun. I basically went to see David Choi, musician and ultra cute "Youtube sensation." Maybe you have never heard of him before. Maybe you have. But Elise and I are both Youtube geeks and follow all the same people etc, and we were in maximum fangirl mode. Kara probably thought we were insane. After the show we bought his album and he came out to the lobby and we were like "YOU ARE SO AWESOME AAHEEHEHEHE, WILL YOU SIGN THIS OH MY GOD THANK YOU CAN I GET A PICTURE WITH YOU?!" Of course it was the one day I didn't have my camera with me, but I got a picture on my phone. But I don't know how to get pictures from my phone to my computer. :/ He said I looked like one of his family members. Afterward Elise and I were like damn we should have given him a hug cause he is SO ADORABLE. There were like 30 people waiting for him to sign their stuff but we waited our turn (Kara left) and when we got to him we were like "ummmm can we have a huuggggg?! heehehhehee" and he was like lolsure. It was fun to hug him because he's so short, about an inch taller than me. He was really nice too, like he actually talked to us and stuff. So YAAAYYYYYY I met David Choi! We got a cinnabon and took the subway home.

On Monday I went to the Japanese Cultural Centre with Bachan and my cousins Paige and Emma, who are 7 and 8 (I think) and their parents for Nikkei Kids Day (Nikkei=Japanese migrants and their descendants). Paige and Emma love me and I'm not sure why since I'm really not that great with kids. I never really know what to say to them. Anyway it was cool to go there, because I never ever see Japanese people around. Toronto has tons of Asians but they are almost all Korean or Chinese. There were a bunch of activities set up for the kids to do and they won little prizes and stuff, it was very cute. There were soooo many mixed-race kids! There were a few tables for different Japanese prefectures and two of Bachan's cousins were at the one for Kumamoto, where her parents were from. I had never met them before so that was cool. There was a whole room with artwork and information about the internment camps, and I learned that both sets of my great-grandparents were in the Tashme internment camp in B.C. and now it's a ghost town.
After that we all went to the Science Centre. I had never been there before and since it's March break there were a million pushy tourists and their annoying pushy kids, but it was still pretty cool. In April some Harry Potter exhibit is going to open (they already had one of the 16 cars they used in the movie for the part where Ron drives the flying car and is like "come on then 'arry!" and rescues Harry but I can't remember which book that is). As a kind of preview they were going to do a "sorting hat demo" so Bachan and I went to check it out before we left. It was basically this blonde lady with a really fake British accent and a witch costume inviting kids to sit on a stool and asking which house was their favorite. Then they would put on the "Sorting Hat" (actually she would just hover it over their head cause I guess they were afraid of spreading lice or something) and this recorded background voice would come on and sort them into that house. 90% of the kids chose Gryffindor. So over and over we heard, "brave, courageous... a good heart... better be... GRYFFINDOR!!" It was brain-numbing but we really just wanted to sit down. Waiting for the bus back to the subway station, I tried to teach Bachan how to text.

Also I made a new skirt recently with Bachan. I was getting bored of my robot dress so it got cut up. I am way too lazy to take nice pictures so here is one that I took in a mirror. I forgot to take a close-up. But you might remember the robot dress anyway... I'm sure Claire will.


Today I got a Visa bill for 65 cents. lolwat
Yesterday there was finally a non-canceled observing session for my astronomy class. It was on top of the 15-story McLennan building and I went up there at sunset and it was soooo beautiful. Yeah, I didn't have my camera. But once the sun went down you could see all of Toronto and all the city lights. There was a telescope set up and we looked at Mars and the Orion Nebula. The TA took some of us inside to see 2 of the more hardcore, non-portable telescopes. It was pretty cool. That's pretty much it. Bye!


alv said...

I worked at IBM right across Eglington from the science center. We often went there for lunch because they had beer and the IBM cafeteria didn't.

Claire said...

hey i've been to kumamoto! that's where i met the ninja in a castle.

congrats on hugging a celebrity! and i love your skirt

astronomy sounds so bad ass- shoot for the stars [lawl].

Claire said...

that boy. is mad adorable.

I HAAAATED the robot dress but the robot skirt is WAAAAY cute. i love the lace!

Dawn said...

The skirt is super cute. The lace edge is perfect.
Doesn't David Choi look like the guy who played Harold?
Glad you got in touch with your Japanese-Canadian roots! Domo arigato, mr. roboto.

Anonymous said...

Great skirt. Glad to see you are keeping up your sewing skills.

We saw the Orion Nebula too, last month. The Observatory at St. Mary's is open to the public once a month. I was amazing. Owen was happy to see the hydrogen cloud.

Glad you went to the JCC - a nice Asian themed post.

Your very Canadian, but Japanese looking aunt,