Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hello how are you

Yesterday CBC was in my sociology class in con hall, filming us for a documentary called "information overload" about technology and how it affects our generation. I didn't think it was a very original topic, but it was kind of cool, there were camera guys creeping around the stage and filming our prof as he was lecturing and other camera guys going around filming the students. I was sitting next to one of my friends at the end of a row and they put a camera about 5 feet away pointed right at us for like, 5 minutes. I am a huge dork and kept glancing over at it and starting to crack up. The documentary comes out in October, maybe I'll be on tv! But I probably will have forgotten by then anyway. :/

My last exam is on April 15 and they kick you out of your res 48 hours after your last exam. So I get kicked out on April 17, the day before my birthday. Depressing. Molly doesn't have her last exam until the 20th though, so hopefully I'll be able to stay a little longer and just say that I'm her guest or something. Apparently I have the same birthday as America Ferrera, Melissa Joan Hart, Christian Slater, Conan O'Brien, Eric McCormack, and James Woods. Also, Albert Einstein died on my birthday in 1955.
Extremely depressing.

Mountain Dew scented NES controller soap
? Yes please.

It's been really warm and nice recently, and it's supposed to rain on Friday. I miss the rain a lot. When I'm sitting in the middle of Con Hall and I can hear everyone around and above typing on their laptop keyboards, it sounds like rain. But we never get real Oregon rain here.

I went to breakfast today with some people and they were talking about concussions the whole time. It made my head hurt.

Yesterday at the end of sociology we watched a short documentary about how Coca Cola is taking over the world and Americanizing everyone. It was terrifying. Don't drink Coke.


Dawn said...

I hope you're on tv!
And in October you're watching tv and have totally forgotten about it and see yourself on tv.
Aunt Lianne wants to do some kind of food tour in Tokyo, that looks awesome, but wants to ditch you and Ian with Owen!! Burn!! I'll set her straight.
Love you!!

Claire said...

Coke is the devil's lixor. Pepsi true and blue.

I hope you and your snickering make it to the big (20") screen!

I'm in the process of writing you a letter because recently my life has been like one giant episode of House, but its not going to be sent out until I get home for break :(

Only a month left! kick some UT ass -- we've almost graduated from freshmanism.

alv said...

Now that you're back in Canada, you can't leave out Rick Moranis. He is exactly 40 years older than you!

Erin said...

omg, i love that guy! i didn't know he had my birthday, that's so cool!!

Claire said...

how dare I not comment on your blog! I'm an asshat.
anyways, lately your lame ass city has been mimicking fort collins' weather. so please tell toronto that its not cool enough to pull of fort collins weather.
when you graduate you should come down and see me!