Sunday, November 01, 2009


Happy November! Look how pretty Con Hall looks with all its ivy turning fall colours. That's where I have sociology! It's supposed to snow on Tuesday. But it might not. I'm pretty sure the REAL snow won't get here for another few weeks or so. Then it won't go away until April, or so I'm told. Good thing I have a badass coat and winter boots now. Also, since Halloween is over, it is officially the Holiday Season! Yaayyyy!

Right now I'm in the Trinity library. Technically Trin is Victoria's rival college, but they sure have a nice library. Naufil and Kara are sitting studiously at a table, but all my tests are over now, so I'm lounging in an armchair and blogging. Ohoho. But after this I'll prolly go over some Qur'an stuff. :/
Last night was Halloween. I spent it with Kara, Elise, Abby, and Paula, who are also from South, Abby's boyfriend, and Paula's friend Ryan from Hamilton, who is a cool drummer guy. We didn't really feel like, uh, playing chess, so we went to dinner and then went trick-or-treating in the expensive Annex neighborhood. Margaret Atwood and Rachel McAdams live in the Annex, but we didn't see them. We may have knocked on their doors though. I guess they're not fans of giving out candy on Halloween. :/ A lot of people did give us candy though, and it was super awesome. Then we went back to res to sort and trade candy, and Abby and her boyfriend left. Then we watched Psycho and The Night Of The Hunter, which is this super, SUPER weird film noir. Mattresses were dragged upstairs to Kara's room and we had a slumber party, woooo! We were all still up at around 3AM, when the fire alarm went off. I think someone in Gate house (next to South) pulled the alarm, or a bong got tipped over or something. So we went and huddled around outside in the cold until the firemen came. Then we went back up to Kara's room and fell asleep in a sugary Halloween candy haze.

It was overall a very successful night. I also wanted to throw in this picture for Marinna of a "Charlie Chaplan" costume that I found at the store in Kensington market where I went to find my Halloween costume.


Claire said...

why is canada so gorgeous??

uggh i can't believe you watched pyscho. i was at a house friday night and they had pyscho shower curtains.

and you live near so many famous people! damn.


Dawn said...

did you dress up or just knock on doors begging for candy? too bad Margaret Atwood didn't answer!

we got hardly any kids at our door. I have like 3 bags of candy to take to Beyond CHS.

glad you're having fun. hope it snows soon.

Erin said...

OF COURSE we dressed up, duhhh it's Halloween! Abby and her boyfriend were salt and pepper shakers. I was a punk-ass Havergal student.

Dawn said...

I hope you have pictures!

alv said...

in excitement at home I just cut Ian's hair! It was really long and he insisted I cut it to 3mm with the clippers. If he'd have done it last week, and we'd have left some, Ian could have been an awesome Travis Bickle for Halloween. Maybe next year.

Marinna said...

charlie chaplan. woot?