Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I heart robots

Hi! Well, I did as Claire said and finally busted out my big, quality, awesome camera. When I got it out and held it and looked through the viewfinder I got his huge wave of "OMG, WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS EARLIER I LOVE THIS SO MUCH" feeling. But then I attached my favorite lens, the 50mm f1.4 that used to be my dad's, and the focus mechanism didn't work. This was the problem we had had with it before, and we had sent it in to Canon to get it fixed. Soooo, really disappointed that that happened again. But after messing with it for a while trying to fix it, I sadly took it off and got out my macro lens, which I love almost as much. It was like midnight and all dark out and the only lens that would really be good for outdoor stuff at that hour would be the 50mm to get some bitchin city light bokeh, and I would rather not go on a walk at night with my expensive camera out anyway, so I stayed in my room and took portrait shots of my weird toys.

That was a couple days ago. Yesterday was Tuesday and the ROM was free for students, so between my linguistics quiz and sociology class, I went with my friend Naufil, who lives on the second floor. He insisted on me taking touristy photos of him at every possible opportunity.

We didn't have that much time, so we kind of just went quickly through everything since he had never been there before. (Lame, since he's a second year and has been living right next to it for so long.) But it was fun and I saw a neat little video about meteorites. Huh! The dinosaurs reminded me of when I went to the ROM with my cousin Owen. I don't know why, but that just kept going through my mind when I was there and I was all, "wahhh I miss Owen" even though I JUST saw him last weekend. He is pretty cool. And for a 6-year-old, he knows a lot about chemistry. As he told me, it would take hours to go over it all.

Naufil quotes of the day:

Erin: Aw it's like a prehistoric chickadee!
Naufil: Erin, it's a bird.
E: ...What do you think a chickadee is?
N: Oh, I thought you said chicken.
E: ....Uh... chickens are birds too....
N: Well yeah, but not the REAL kind.
E: .........

N: Wowww, that photo's from 1673!!
E: I wonder why it's in colour.
N (extremely indignant): So what, are you saying there were no colour cameras in 1673?!

E: You bitch a lot.
N: Yeah, but at least I'm not like, mean, like you. Like, I don't just go, oh hey, those are bad shoes.

(Talking about the Dead Sea Scrolls)
N: I thought they were like, dead sea creatures.
E: What?! No!
N: Well then why do they call them the DEAD Sea Scrolls?

Pretty crystal! And that's the story of my trip to the ROM and my broken lens.


Claire said...

let me just mention again how fantasmic your blog looks :)

AND HOO FUCKIN RAY YOU FINALLY GOT YOUR HOT CAMERA OUT! What have you been using to take pictures? do you have a point and shoot now or something?
tell bastardino I say what up.

and I'm fairly certain that I need to meet this naufil character. heee heee, his legs look so short in that picture!

Claire said...

armed with your big camera again!

in other news, you spell color like a brit.

Dawn said...

did you take Naufil to the kids area at the ROM where you can try on helmets and stuff? It was cool.

Is that giant fish a sunfish? How big is it?

Erin said...

yes it is a sunfish. it's huge! apparently the biggest sunfish they've found was 11ft long and weighed 2 tons. we didn't go to the kids part but i'm sure we will next week.

Marinna said...

Epic. and fun. i like the portraits.. they're pretty.

Ian said...

Naufil sounds like the most entertaining person ever. Go eat waffles with Naufil

caro said...

what about falafal with naufil?