Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random News

Today has been very productive. I got up at 10:30, which is extremely early for a Sunday, went for a run, bought toothpaste and shower gel (on sale!), took a shower, had breakfast (lunch), went to Pratt library with Rifqi and studied Arabic for four hours, went out to sushi with Rifqi, Naufil, and Kara, practiced violin in Marg Ad for an hour, and helped Rifqi clean his "fish bowl" (tupperware... he does have a legit fish bowl, but there's a male beta in it named McLovin and McLovin kept biting the two female betas he got... so we transferred the females to a tupperware container). And after I poast I'm going to do some more Arabic. Because there is always more Arabic to do.

I just opened two of those tiny packs of Skittles and neither of them had any purple ones in them! wtf?! Oh well, everyone knows the red ones are the best anyway.

The day before yesterday I saw the hugest Burwash Bug I've ever seen. Running across my floor. It was not okay. I've seen little ones, maybe an inch long, that are creepy but easy to smush and be done with, but this one was like the one in the picture. HORRIFYING. About three inches long, with a million creepy-ass legs and running waaayyy faster than any bug should run. I screamed and Rifqi smashed it with a shoe. Yay Rifqi!

Also the day before yesterday, I went to a Mario party in RJ (one of the residence halls) and destroyed people in Super Smash Bros (N64 version) and diddy kong racing, which is like Mario Kart but lamer. There was also guitar hero but only one guitar, and ddr but only one dance pad. :\
Afterwards I went back to the south house common room with some people and we watched 10 Things I Hate About You. I've seen that movie a million times, but this is the first time I've figured out why it's named that. It's actually pretty obvious. Anyway, Naufil kept saying "oh my god Erin that girl is EXACTLY LIKE YOU!! AAhahahahahhahaha!! She's such a bitch!!" The fire alarm went off at about 2am. This happens waayyy too often. But we all hung around outside for awhile, and then came back in and finished the movie.

I don't really have any pictures of anything good right now, but I don't like doing picture-less posts. So here's a little shrine dedicated to my favorite cat, who the Claires apparently saw today because they are in Corvallis and who I miss very much.


Claire said...

god dont you freaking love productive days? but then at the end you're always like "dude. there are people in the world who are productive everyday. wtf"
anyways, cooper says "what the fuck, bitch, I thought we were friends. WHERE YOU AT?!"

alv said...

the picture of gumby and cooper is the greatest cooper picture ever! While mom and i were reading your
(awesome) post, Cooper was running around the kitchen chasing a balled up receipt like a crazy cat. He nearly wiped out into the garage door.

marinna said...

awww cooper!!
we have house centipedes too. they are sooo scary... we have one that completely disappeared. rose thought she squashed it but we have never been able to find its body.

Dawn said...

Love the picture of Cooper and Gumby!!!
I'm glad Rifqi was there to crush the giant bug. It sounds horrible.
Let me know if you ever get the poster tube.

Anonymous said...

me and kirsten and slaya just spent a long time being upset for you about the bug
i miss you more than i can say

remember how cooper puked and you just left it there?
crazy crazy

Claire said...

i'm glad you understand that red skittles are the best. do they even make purple skittles? really?

Rifqi is like your bug-squashing knight in shining armour.

and i'm not surprised to hear about you kicking ass and taking names at the mario party. remember in pokemon snap when professor oak said "press A to do it!" and i thought it was hilarious because i'm ridiculously mature? you're pro at that game.

Corvallis isn't so different; it's just soggy, and missing you

Anonymous said...

also, i read this again, and the preppy dumb ho's behind me in stats probs think i'm insane
and probs can read me writing this....

Claire said...

wow you got jenna to comment. not only comment, but comment twice.

although its odd she knows someone named "slaya" scary actually.

Claire said...

slaya sounds like a pretty gangster name if you ask me. IMMA SLAY-YA D:<

ian said...

Wow, Claire has almost half the comments.

anyways, Naufil sounds like your coolest friend. Also it reminded me that there are skittles now that have one flavor on the outside but another one on the inside. They sounded crazy but they taste basically exactly the same I was disappointed