Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pretty Houses

Traditional Japanese houses are SO BEAUTIFUL. I love the sliding doors and big open spaces and mats and floor-to-ceiling windows. My ultimate goal is to live in a house like this. Think of the natural light!

I think Totoro actually originally made me start liking Japanese houses. The house in that movie is awesome. Off the chain, if you will. And guess what! They made a REAL ONE.

Speaking of Totoro, peep these cute Totoro cupcakes.

Click on them to go to their websites, because they are pretty awesome.

In other news, I am pretty much better now, I still have a pretty sore throat but I can talk and swallow things again. Less than a month till winter break!
I went and saw the movie 2012 a few days ago with Rifqi and a few other people. I have mixed feelings about it.
Cons: extremely depressing and traumatizing, two and half hours long, some really lame lines especially near the end
Pros: John Cusack, really good special effects, not boring
We were going to see it at 10:40pm, but that showing was sold out so we hung around in Dundas Square for awhile and saw it at 11:15. They have winter decorations up now, I thought they were kind of weird but kind of pretty.
And here's a lovely washed out by the flash photo of me and a stoned looking Rifqi.


Claire said...

no way! WE HAVE TO GO VISIT THAT HOUSE. it looks exactly like it!

i'm so glad you're feeling better now. toronto some some pretty crazy ass decorations.

see you soon!

marinna said...

yay! i'm glad you can eat again. I saw 2012 too. it was like riding a roller coaster ride. great special effects but a little too many disasters. toronto looks awesome!

Claire said...

ps did you get a hair cut?

Dawn said...

The bento box on your side bar is amazing!!
I saw a commercial for 2012 and it looked like sensory overload. Glad you survived.
Glad you're feeling like you're on the mend.

Claire said...

it's very unusual that I am the fifth comment.. hm.
anyways, love your new layout as always :)

and uh... let's buy a japanese house, mmmkay? and then just take pictures in it.

"I saw 2012 too. it was like riding a roller coaster ride. great special effects but a little too many disasters."

you make rollercoasters sound reallllllly unappealing, marinna.

tell your sore throat i say fuck you and such.
miss you!

Erin said...

I didn't get a haircut! You always think I got a haircut hahahaha. It does look shorter in that picture though...

And lawl lawl lawl I thought that when I read Marinna's roller coaster disaster thing too.