Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hi! I'm starting a blog. Because I felt like it. And because I wanted to show you these pictures, but I didn't want to post them on Facebook. Yay!

Here's some slightly blurry/grainy photos of my room. I'm still getting used to my new little camera.

My side:

Close-up of my cubby hole thing that holds my earrings and headbands, belts, etc:

My desk:

I love the built-in shelves:

This is our disgusting, non-working "fireplace":

And we can't even decorate the mantel, because these stupid tall shelves were built right on top for some reason:

Molly's side and my side:

Outside Upper Burwash:

South House!

Here's my across-the-hall neighbor Rifqi, looking scared:

Here's a delightfully odd photo of me, taken by Rifqi in his room:

I took this blurry picture while walking back from soc in Con Hall (MEAN GIRLS) because I thought University College (U of T is divided into 7 colleges) looked pretty:

I took this for Claire Fro while I was in J-Town. Look! Cowpiss in bottle AND can form!

These two were during Nuit Blanche, which is this art night thing that happens every year in Paris and Toronto:

Hooray, photos!


Claire said...

I LUVVV IT. your school looks like disney land. except disney land doesn't have homework

you should help Rifqi decorate his room, because it is lacking in the decoration department

and your "fireplace" looks like some creepy-ass door to a dusty and disgusting Narnia.

Upper Burwash is gorgeous!

COWPISS IN A CAN. i'm sure you stocked up. because i know how much you love it

dude are all of those people in the last one like in line to see you or something?

i miss you!

Claire said...

you have such incredible organizing and decorating skills :P
I've never been prouder!

but yeah, your school is easily the most beautiful I've seen. and you're right by the library! you lucky bitch!

yeah whats up with the last picture...

Erin said...

Well you know, I'm kind of a big deal in Toronto.

Claire said...

hahahahaa, oh YOU.