Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Learning is Fun!

I went to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) today with Rifqi and Jeihan (see photo), since it's free for students on Tuesdays. The special thing until November is that the Dead Sea Scrolls are there, and I really wanted to go see them. I had to pay $6 since it's only general admission that's free (for regular people it would have been $28! HA!), but it was very VERY worth it. I might even go again next week. Rifqi and Jeihan are cheap and don't care about learning and culture and all that, so they went and looked at butterflies and dinosaurs. I spent almost two hours looking through all the stuff about the history and culture of ancient Israel and all the super old stuff they had out, and then finally the actual scrolls, but I still felt kind of rushed since I had to be out of there in time to go to my linguistics tutorial. (My tutorial TA is like a real-life jpmetz!) I could have spent all day in there! I would have really liked to have had more time. But I can always go back next week!
I love having the ROM two minutes away from my building, especially now that I know about the free Tuesdays thing. I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside but when we got out I took some quality photos of a tour bus and one of me and Rifqi. And some squirrels in the quad. Those black squirrels are EVERYWHERE. There are some gray ones too. But really, you can look around at any time and there will be literally three or four running around. Last night I was walking back to my room and I saw the hugest raccoon ever eating out of a garbage can. There were three of them but one was HUGE. It was like a husky.

I need to work on balancing out my study habits. On Wednesday last week I studied Arabic for 6 hours and then the next day I did 7 hours. Then the next 2 days I did nothing. :/

I went and played pool at the Cat's Eye (Vic pub type thing) with Naufil tonight, like we do a lot. I'm actually getting pretty good now! I beat him twice and he beat me three or four times. When we left people starting playing Super Smash Bros and it made me miss Ian. I wanted to play but I had to go do school stuff. >:[

What should I be for Halloween? What are you guys being? I have nooo idea. Apparently there's somewhere in Kensington Market selling cheap costumes so I guess I'll check that out. I want to go there soon anyways. Kensington is really close by and it's this neighborhood of vintage and indie and weird shops and cafes, and it's a bit hipster but very awesome.

In sociology today my prof told us that almost 50% of Toronto has something other than English or French for their first language. I thought that was cool! I always hear people speaking different languages on the street, a lot of Italian and Chinese and Urdu and stuff I don't recognize. But it is a bit unfortunate when you get a professor with a hard-to-understand accent.

I really want to see the movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape! I don't even know what it's about but I know it made Claire cry. And I think Johnny Depp is in it. I also want to see Weird Science. That kid from The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, Anthony Michael Hall, is in it. But I looked him up and he's real creepy looking now. :( But Weird Science was made in the 80's so it's okay. Did you know the jock from The Breakfast Club, Emilio Estevez, is Charlie Sheen's brother?? Hunh! And Charlie Sheen's real name is Carlos Irwin Estevez! No way! I'm pretty sure I wrote about this in my letter to Marinna but now it's surprising all over again.


Claire said...

EE! I hadn't even considered all the incredible amounts of museums toronto must have! think of the LEARNING!!

and for some reason, I TOTALLY knew about that charlie sheen thing. I was pretty confident that YOU were the one to tell me that, but i guessssss not.

...what if... IT IS JPMETZ.

For halloween, I really, really want to be max: http://www.buzzfeed.com/akdobbins/610-max-suit
but I don't have access to a sewing machine or $610
I guess I'll just have to be some variation off the slut rule. oh well.

alv said...

all of us who were your age in the 80s know the whole Sheen family. Don't forget the dad, Martin, who starts out upside down in Apocolypse Now. What's wrong with learning about dinosaurs? Dinosaurs are cool. And they could eat the dead sea scrolls in about two seconds.

Claire said...

i can't believe you live so close to an amazing and weekly-free museum. I'm rather jealous. but hey, I have wheat.

it sounds like your having a great time :)

you should be a crazy cat lady from the beach , because you're good at pulling off that look. as for me i'm thinking of being a mime. a very loud mime.

Dawn said...

Yay, a blog!!
Toronto is totally awesome.
It's nice that you put Ian on your banner! What a good sister you are.

Claire said...

"you should be a crazy cat lady from the beach , because you're good at pulling off that look. as for me i'm thinking of being a mime. a very loud mime."

I totally forgot about the halloween costume thing before reading this, and I definitely thought "claaaaaaire's high :)"

Claire said...

how does aspiring to be a mine translate into being high?

Claire said...

um, how does it NOT?

Erin said...

Claire (Fro), you would make a terrifying mime. Other Claire, that Max costume is AWESOME! have you seen the movie yet? i've heard it was too weird but that was from someone who was probably high while they were watching it.

Marinna said...

Yay, I finally found your blog. Yup Emilio Estevez is Charlie Sheen's brother and Martin Sheen's son. Weird huh. I'm gonna be one of those old time movie directors with the puffy pants. I have no idea what you should be... i had a lot of trouble coming up with my own costume, but i know you'll come up with something awesome!

Nina said...

What? oh my gosh! I can't believe you guys are thinking about halloween! I totally forgot about that.