Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have a ton of photos to post, here are the last from that roll from the Golden Half. These are basically all the ones that were kind of mehh but I didn't want to just leave them to rot in my lightroom library. Except the one with the chandelier, I liked that one. But most people seem to not like it so much. I'm forcing you to look at it anyway.

I don't have to work at Smoke's today and I don't have to go to my internship thing and classes haven't started yet. And I don't feel like doing much of anything today except staying in and going through photos. I also have to finish this makeup tutorial thing that Kristy wanted me to do for the Rent Frock Repeat blog so I'll do that too.

I have nothing very interesting to post today, I really just want to get some more photos posted so I have more motivation to take my camera out. I don't know why I post all these pictures on here. I'm thinking about starting a tumblr or something like that.


Claire said...

you have a tumblr!

Erin said...

I mean one for my photos!

Allison said...

I hate the in between where you have everything & nothing to do! That's why I'm here, looking at your photos with you. Makes sense, right?

Belle said...

Love the last photo! So pretty