Thursday, September 22, 2011

Suspicious package

Hi! Okay so, it's fall now as I'm sure you're aware. The temperature here in Toronto has been hovering around 20 at the hottest, and as I walked through Queen's Park today a gust of wind came through and suddenly the air was filled with yellow leaves. It looked like a scene from a music video, it was awesome. Here are some pictures I found from last fall, when Kara and I went to the Brickworks.

So today, this happened and it was totally my train in the station when they made everyone evacuate! We pulled in and after a few minutes an announcement came on saying something about a delay and then "please leave the train..... please leave the station." The place I was going was only a couple stops away so it wasn't a big deal or anything. As I walked north up Yonge street, firetrucks and police cars sped by sirening. There were tons of them! Of course it turned out to be nothing... but the subway was shut down for an hour so I ended up having to walk home. Some people talked to me as we were leaving the station and then walking outside. I met one lady who said she never took the subway and the one time she does, some hooligans try and blow it up. There was one guy who was telling everyone not to worry, if it was a fire we would all be dead by now. That was my mild excitement of the day.

According to my blogger stats, someone found my blog recently by googling giant b'loonies! This makes me incredibly happy.


Claire said...

I have a suspicious package in my pants

Claire said...

but seriously though. that's kinda freaky.

also thank you for reminding me pumpkins exist.

mom said...

Bachan and I saw this on the news last night! Glad nothing real was wrong!

alv said...

Claire, I think what you have is suspicious package envy.

Claire said...

haters gonna hate.