Thursday, July 28, 2011

Airplanes and updates

Hi! I'm back from my family reunion in Burford. We went rafting and the Grand River tore apart my $6 flip flops. It was humid and fun and now I'm back in the city. It's nice and cool this week and it didn't even get above 25 degrees today. It rained a little and now it's really foggy. But when I ask people if they think the hottest days of the summer are behind us everyone's like "probably not, Toronto weather is weird." One person said "it all depends on the pressure fronts..." and started giving me an in-depth explanation of how weather works even though I was just trying to make light conversation.

I've started going to the gym with my friend Jose every weekday morning. We try to get to Hart House by 7am. At first it seemed unnatural and like it was still supposed to be nighttime but now we're into our fourth week and I'm kind of getting used to it. We usually stay for an hour and half or so and by the time I get back it's not even a double-digits hour yet. I also started drinking tons and tons of water everyday which has really improved my skin! The downside is that I have to pee like all the time. But it's worth it. I'm also eating lots of vegetables and taking vitamins. But don't worry, I'm still getting very little sleep. One of my favorite things to eat now is pieces of cucumber wrapped in nori and dipped in shoyu. One of the characters was eating it in a Murakami book and it sounded really good. And it is really good!

I signed up for fall classes and I got into the first year Japanese course! I couldn't get in for the last two years so I'm very happy. The book I was reading at Indigo that disappeared a month or two ago is back and I'm about 40 pages from the end. I wish it was longer because I really like it and once I finish it I'll have to find a new Indigo book to read and it probably won't be as good.


alv said...

First robot is mine!!! What is Ian doing crouched on the road? You know, if you sleep more, maybe your skin would even better!

Claire said...

i HATE it when I don't get the first robot!

anyway, erin, you shouldn't be so pessimistic about indigo books. I'm sure the next book you read there will be exceptional.

Might I recommend "Stiff" which is all about corpses and it refers to maggots as "Haciendas." it's lovely

I am delighted to hear how awesome and healthy you are becoming! NAO YOU LIVE FO EVA.

I miss you loads and I can't wait to slype with you

Claire said...

of course, by which I mean skype

Anonymous said...

I'm just back from Sock Summit (which was as awesome as you would expect!) and found your blog!! Yay!!
I'm so glad you got into Japanese. Are you reviewing your little flash cards? Do you have friends you can practice with?

mom said...

Oops, I made my comment from Anonymous. Sorry.

oma said...

Your dad said I had to send you a robot. So here it is.
Glad to see you at the reunion and sorry about your flip flops. But what do you expect from six dollars shoes!

And what IS Ian doing on the run way????

And Claire reads really weird books.

Claire said...

It was an educational book!