Sunday, January 16, 2011

This is mostly about weather, sorry

Hi! The first week of the new semester is over and the snow has arrived in Toronto. I forgot how sparkly snow can be. Queen's Park is now white, and everything glitters as you walk through. From the second floor of Pratt library I'm distracted by the Christmas-card images out the window. The old stone Burwash buildings adorned with crisp white play host to twinkling icicles while flurries of snowflakes dance in the wind. Spindly tree branches stand out like black text on a white page. Everything is untouched and silent and perfect.
....On the other hand, God seems to have spewed a huge dirt-flavored slushie all over the streets and sidewalks. I guess city winter has its ups and downs. Invisible rivers of wind tear like frozen hell between towering buildings. It's ridiculous.
To get my mind off of the cold, I'll post some warm-weather Hawaii photos. These were taken with my new Diana Mini camera on expired Costco film I found at Goodwill.

That was nice.
On Tuesday I'm trekking out to Ikea with Bachan to buy cooking things so that I can finally be able to cook things. I am very excited. The other night I got really really hungry before bed and everything was closed (except Rabba, the hobo-y all-night grocery store, but bad things happen when I go there) and the only food I had was candy from going to see Tron. I ended up eating some Kit Kats and going to bed but it didn't exactly fill me up. I'm sure that once I become a master chef I won't have these kinds of problems anymore. Literally the only things in my fridge right now are vodka and film.
I was just looking over concert listings and apparently Randy Newman is going to be playing at Con Hall, the Mean Girls building where I have physics and anthro, in March! Hahahaha, what the hell?
Ok I am going to go chill at the library for a while. Baaiiiii!


Claire said...

yeah you should definitely go see randy newman. yes.



hopefully he'll sing that.

anyway, let me just say again how in love I am with the diana mini pictures. because they are so so so so amazing. i love.


OH. right. I read the bit about the snow in the "I need a HAMMER" voice. it greatly improved it.

Claire said...

grandiose poetry

hawaii looks amazing, but unusually overcast. is that from your film voodoo?

alv said...

i miss snow! All we have here is rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain.

I love Randy Newman! Though Mom has never forgiven him for "Short People"

Marinna said...

your pictures are lovely! now we have snow and freezing rain! Woo!

mom said...

Love the pictures! Especially the first one. I miss Hawaii.
I also enjoyed your description of winter in Toronto.

Belle said...

It is hard to believe that it has gotten even colder here. Walking to and from class to rez I think I am close to getting frost bite! Warm weather needs to come faster.

Those photos are beautiful. :)