Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sandwiches, sandwiches.

Hi! My god, why am I blogging so much?!
These are the last pictures from the first Diana Mini roll, and they were all taken in Hawaii.

Yesterday evening I went down the street to my friend's apartment building and a bunch of us watched hockey and ate sushi and shot pool in the club room. The actual reason for us being there was so that I could take some pictures of a girl I met through my friend. She's moving back to Japan soon and I'm not sure what the pictures were for but she wanted some nice photos of herself so Matt asked me if I could do that and I said okay. It was fun to use my digital camera again.

Kara and I have started going out for lunch every Friday, since there are so many restaurants and cafes that we think look cool but never go into. Last week we went to an Italian place in Little Italy and I had an excellent zucchini and red pepper panini. On the way back we stopped by an ice cream parlour that had one-dollar hot chocolate and chatted with the cute guy behind the counter about the decemberists. Then we went to Soundscapes record store and spent all our money on concert tickets. The week before last we went to this place in kensington market called the grilled cheese. It was a tiny place that looked like a log cabin inside and there was one woman working there and they had all these different types of grilled cheese you could get. It was amazing and pretty much my favorite place to eat in Toronto now.

On days that are not Friday I have been eating a lot of slightly expired Starbucks sandwiches that I get from my friend Shane who works there. I like how the wrapping makes the same crinkly noise as the wrapping on the sandwich that Beyonce gives Lady Gaga in the Telephone video. (Actually I'm not sure if that was a sandwich. It might have been something else.) Right now my roommate is having her soccer team over for a potluck or something and they are quite loud. I have to go out to the kitchen to wash a plate but I think I might just wait until they are gone.

My dad's and my brother's birthdays are coming up. As I was thinking about what to get them it occurred to me that I'll be turning 20 this year! Wtf! After that I will never be a teenager again!

(I should clearly be a knee model)

I think that's all. Tomorrow is Monday, so, 9am calculus with the prof that hates us.


claire said...

FIRST ROBOT yessssss

That grilled cheese place sounds unbelievable. I now want to go to Toronto more than I ever have in my entire life. srsly.
also, I just read some bull shit article about pop culture and some dude from U of T was mentioned.

fascinating story, I know.

The ian/fence picture is presh.

peace an blessins :]

claire said...

also I like that you tagged "knees" in that post. It was clearly an important part of the post.

Claire said...

beyonce gives gaga a honey candy bar

Always Something said...

I clearly have to come back to Toronto... a place called the the Grilled Cheese?! I went to the Lesleyville Cheese Market or something.. but that sounds amazing.

Also, I never wanted the Hawaii pictures to end... :(

Erin said...

Claire - they also have homemade tomato soup! If you ever come to Toronto we can go there everyday.

Claire - i knew i could count on you to know about the telephone video!

Mary - I've been to the Leslieville Cheese Market on Queen West, that place is awesome! And I actually have some more Hawaii photos, just not from the Diana Mini :)

Claire said...

ps erin i finally figured out skype.a big fuck you to canadian cell phone service haha