Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh hi holga I missed you

Do you guys know who "Drake" is? I didn't know, but apparently he's a rapper and he lives in the building across from my building! I bet he has a lot of places though so he's probably not there all the time. I would be more excited if I knew who he was so I could recognize him if I ever saw him on the street. Then I could yell out his name and point and cause a big commotion, and I'm always looking for opportunities to cause a commotion.

Anyway, here are some holga photos that I never got around to posting or putting on flickr until now. I'm pretty happy with how they came out though. This film is called Portra 160VC and it's one of my favorites now. In this one I was testing out my macro lens thing, it's harder than it looks cause the viewfinder on the Holga is not actually a viewfinder and it has to be the exact right distance from the lens to be in focus:

This is from hanging out in the meadow with Claire when it was still summer and not freezing cold. The camera is my 60's Anscoset that I got in a weird "trading post" store somewhere in Nova Scotia.

The rest are from the Corvallis fair when I went there with Claire. That was like a triple rhyme. I win.

I posted the entire roll of film in this post. They aren't all that great but it's rare to have a roll that is even 50% good enough to show people so I'm happy!
It's supposed to snow tonight. It probably won't but I hope it does. I'm trying to convert myself to thinking in degrees Celsius, so far it's going pretty well. I don't know when American Thanksgiving is and I'm too lazy to look it up, so if it's today then happy Thanksgiving! If not then I take it back.


mom said...

Nice pictures!!
It's supposed to snow here too! I doubt it will reach the valley floor, but we might get freezing rain. Yay!
Oma and Opa get here tomorrow and Thanksgiving in NEXT Thursday.

Claire said...

how can you not know the date of the world's greatest holiday. god.

they turned out great! i love the one of the balloon guy, and the creepy caterpillar ride. wtf

can't wait to seee youuuu

nice doctor seuss skills btw

Claire said...

of course I know who drake is!
but then again, I'm a total hood rat now that I've been to 2 RAP CONCERTS IN TWO WEEKS.

yeah, I like to party. what of it.

anyway, i like the fair pictures a lot except for the terrifying caterpillar roller coaster one. that is not okay.


Marinna said...

even i have heard of drake and i am totally out of it when it comes to stuff like that. I really like all of the pictures too! I was listening to some Bruce Springsteen as I was looking at them and thought that he provided an appropriate soundtrack to the ones of the fair especially. I also really like the caterpillar one... its a little creepy, but in a good way...

alv said...

Even I know about Drake. We learned about him in middle school. He sailed around the world, and defeated the Spanish Armada!

Ellinor Forje said...

Drake sounds like a character from the show Seinfield. I love the photos from the fair they're serene yet mysterious. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too when you have time.


Always Something said...

Those are spectacular! I love the dreamy effect... I would direly like a holga but I doubt I could snap anything so pretty.