Sunday, July 18, 2010


I haven't blogged for a month, so I thought I would. I just got back from a long trip to Canada. I went to Nova Scotia and Apsley and got to see Edward. I took pictures but these are not those pictures. These are from awhile ago from my popcam. I opened the back cause I thought there was no film in it, but there was. So a few exposures got completely destroyed, but for the most part they just got super lightleaked and I like it.

Also tonight I met OK Go with Claire and they said they liked my shirt. I felt like a hero.

Also, here's an old Holga photo from Portland that I never put on flickr and was just floating around on my computer:

The double ex turned out well, I don't know why I never put it anywhere.
I'm so tired!


Edward said...

You made it seem like I was from Halifax. prttychll.

Erin said...

oops i meant nova scotia and APSLEY. i was tired! i'll change it

Claire said...

the second picture makes me think of a sea urchin!
do you remember when jack used a sea urchin spike as a needle to transfuse his blood to boone? I DO BECAUSE IT WAS SO SAD.


Claire said...

spike sounds weird
stabby implement?