Friday, June 18, 2010

Plastic Fantastic

Awhile ago I opened the back of my Holga camera to find that the batteries had leaked allllll over the inside. This apparently happens a lot with the Holga models that have built-in flashes. It was pretty un-salvageable, but I managed to save the lens and the top of the camera, as well as a few little parts from inside that could be useful for future modding/repairing of another Holga, with minimal skin-on-battery-acid contact.
I went down to Oregon Camera and bought a new one, this time one without a built-in flash (a 120N instead of 120CFN). It was only about $35 and once I got home I started tearing it apart..... so that I could make it better! 8D
I modified the aperture and the focus like I had done to my old one, and put in a bunch of foam and cardboard to make it able to shoot 35mm film. So these pictures are from the first 35mm roll from my new Holga! Hooray! I already put most of these up on Flickr, so if you are a good friend like Claire and check my flickr page you've probably already seen them, but there are also a few that I didn't like enough to put on flickr. But I liked them enough to put them all up in hurrr.

Today I went to the dentist and I don't have any cavities! Hooray!
Also today I was reading about Japanese onomatopoeia and ぴかぴか (pika pika) means "to glitter, sparkle." Now I love Pikachu even more!


Claire said...

battery acid bad.

pictures good!

Claire said...

that DOES make pokemon better!

ash: "what should we do now, pikachu?"
pikachu: "GLITTER! SPARKLE!"

hahahaaaaa. asia.

Edward Choi said...

"all up in hurrr"?

you knew I would notice.

Claire said...

the picture of the cat bed is creepy. it looks like it is made of a cat.

Claire said...

i totally said that when I first saw it!

Erin said...

Me too! I spent like five minutes staring at it when I first saw it before I figured it out.