Sunday, June 13, 2010

domo arigato

Hiii. I haven't blogged in awhile, but it's summertime now so whooo cares!
I think I might have a bit of allergies or something, cause I've been all stuffed up and getting headaches the past few days. But not it's not too bad or anything, just annoying.
I've been out of school for almost two months. I didn't think I would miss Toronto now that I'm in Corvallis, since I missed Corvallis so much when I was in Toronto. But I actually do miss the city. Just not as much as I missed Corvallis.
Anyway, a week or so ago Claire and I went down to Hoover elementary with Domo-kun.

It was quite lovely and sunny outside, but the path down through the trees was still pretty muddy. The lens I brought isn't the best for scenery-type stuff, but I kind of liked this picture.

Domo was having a good time on the playground.

Then Claire decided to start throwing him in the air, and we thought some mid-air shots would be nice. Here is Domo flying by the forest...


Here he is breakdancing on a tree...

This one is my favorite:


That is all. Life is looking good right now and I'm happy.


mom said...

Those are awesome pictures! The flying Domo ones remind me of Pokemon Snap!

Erin said...


Claire said...

i luvvv it

Edward Choi said...

i got a picture of surfing pikachu in pokemon snap. it was pretty cool.

Claire said...

when i glanced at the first comment, I thought it said marinna, and i was all "WHAAAT, MARINNA PLAYS POKEMON SNAP"
but then i looked again. ho hum.

anyways, I love all the colors in the pictures!

alv said...

in the second picture Claire and Domo look like they are commanding a tank.