Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free time in Corvallis

O hai. So I'm still in Corvallis waiting for everyone to come home. It's prtty dull here with no one around. Yesterday I watched Lost In Translation, which was really good. Speaking of things with... Lost in the title... last week's LOST was SO SAD, why did Sun and Jin have to die by DROWNING?! That's like the WORST WAY TO DIE. Also they willingly orphaned their child, wtf?! But yeah, very very sad. And then there was this week's episode, which was major and also kind of weird. Only one more episode til the finale aaahhhhh

Today I hung out at the train at Washington St....

...with Jonny!!

(crouching tiger hidden jonny)

What a bamf. I took tons of pictures but haven't gone through them all yet. I want to start taking pictures again, all of first year was just too busy and full of distractions. Afterwards we hung out at my house and I pwnd him at super smash bros, pokemon puzzle league, and mario kart, and he skype-met edward.

In other news, I got my hair cut short again and I'm still getting used to it. But I don't miss my long hair like I thought I would. I wish it was naturally lighter so that I could dye it without killing it. I like being back home but for now I'm just waiting for everyone to come back too. That's pretty much it. Baii!


Claire said...

1) Washington st. is where dr. bun lives!! DID YOU VISIT HIM?!

2) the horse picture is like the greatest thing ever

3) laaawl jonny is suuu cute

4) I may be home on the fifteenth! [real late though]

Claire said...

5) It's fucking snowing again. what the fuck is colorado's problem

Erin said...

i'm glad someone else appreciates the horse picture! i didnt visit dr bun, but we should go by there when you come back. text me THE MOMENT YOU ARRIVE IN CORVALLIS. the photo you sent me of the snow made me lawl. wtf foco.

Edward said...

I like how you were so mean to jonny when he hadn't played those games as much you.

And stop saying pwnd! You're not some halo-fanboy.

Hope you're having fun wat.

miss you~