Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reading Week vlogging

Here is a late-night vlog for you.

And here's a picture from Apsley. The white space behind the trees is the frozen, snow-covered bog.



Claire said...

they should make vloggies so that you can be awarded for your amazing vlogs

Claire said...

poor, naive claire:

anyways... I miss the way you say batteries!
silly erin, its not BAT-TREES, it's BAT-URR-EEES!
She'll never learn!
anyways, good luck on your Arabic midterm! KICK ITS ARABIC BUTT!

Claire said...

anyways. I say anyways FAR TOO OFTEN. I'm going to start using furthermore instead. even when it doesn't make sense.

Claire said...

anyways, i think the way erin says batteries makes her sound regal.

not so much with Tillamook though.

alv said...

awesome vlog! It's really great that you could see Jay and Carolyn and Ollie and Finn and Oma and Opa over reading week. I hope you had a great time! -dad

Dawn said...

Hi Erin,
I'm back from the coast. I think I got a little sunburned! It was gorgeous. On my way home, I went to the Ashbrook auction. Saw Olsen and he says he wants you to come visit him.
Love the vlog, although you might not want to show Oma. It might creep her out to think of you wandering the house in the middle of the night!
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin

Good luck on Arabic - we should know about our summer plans in early March - then you can start practicing Japanese too.

Great lip-synching,
A. Lianne