Friday, January 22, 2010


Oh hai. I just listened to two Jack Johnson albums and I'm feeling super relaxed now. That guy is soooo chill.
As most of you have heard, Bachan has been teaching me how to sew. I've finished two skirts so far. This is the first one that I did:

That thing on the top left is the zipper, usually it is covered by fabric but I kind of tucked it into my mattress since I was too lazy to put it on and take nice pictures, so the fabric got pulled away.

And this is the latest one, I really like it and it reminds me of Nancy Drew:

There's a belt that goes with it that's made out of the same fabric but I'm not wearing it in the pictures. You can see the belt loops in the first one though.
Sewing has been really fun and Bachan is a great teacher. I made the brown skirt on the same sewing machine she used to make my mom's wedding dress!

Tonight there is a semi-formal chocolate buffet in Old Vic (the main Vic building right outside my res that looks like a castle). I am strategically planning to wear a brown dress so that if I get chocolate on it it won't be noticeable. After that there is a pub night in The Cat's Eye, which was supposed to be closed for reconstruction but apparently is not closed anymore.

I really really like astronomy so far and my Women in Ukrainian Lit course is actually mega interesting. I have to go to at least one "observing session" for astronomy where you meet up in a small group at night and look through telescopes in the astronomy & astrophysics department. It sounds cool. So I will sign up for one... after I finish this post. Which is now. Bye!


Claire said...

I have a skirt similar to that houndstooth one, but I did not make it so it is not nearly as cool.

Claire said...


Dawn said...

Love the skirts! Did Bachan show you how to match the plaid up at the seams? Nice details like that are what Bachan does best!
Hope the chocolate event was fun and delicious.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Great skirt - glad to see that Mom is passing on her sewing knowledge. I'm glad I have the basic skills to sew and alter clothes - plus she gave me one of her really old machines that works really well. It is one she bought when I was Owen's age.