Friday, January 08, 2010

Oh hai

Hello! I'm more or less settled into university life again and I have some new classes and new professors for the old classes. My suitcase did eventually reach Toronto and is presently all unpacked and stowed away. South House sweet South House. Oh how I've missed the flimsy internet connection and lack of closet space. But here are some pictures from the winter break, featuring B'loonies and the coast. These are from my little camera so I didn't bother editing them or anything. Sahrry.

The top picture is in Queen's Park in the early evening. I walk through there many times a day and it feels cinematic with all the snow. Today I went to lunch with Oma and Opa. I met them in Dundas Square and we went to Salad King, this Thai restaurant. It was awesome to see them and I hope I can figure out the whole Go Train thing well enough to visit them in Burford soon! Also today I went to see Up In The Air, the George Clooney movie. Jason Reitman directed it so of course it had lovely music and enough of an indie-vibe to be quirky without being pretentious. Basically I loved it and you should go see it. Tomorrow I'm planning to go to brunch with Kara and check out the Danforth/Greektown with some people. Yesterday there was a chaotic but fun club night and the day before that they showed Love Actually in the Isabel Bader theater as part of Winterfest week! I'll have a better post later prolly but I really just wanted to put up my winter break photos. Bye!


Claire said...

wear a chiton to greektown! please.

J. Miller said...

i look way too creepy with that giant b'loonie
also, i had forgotten about the sketch guy and RV

Anonymous said...

lowl bloonies.