Friday, November 11, 2011

Important Hair Update

Hi! I'll probably do a normal post soon. But I re-dyed my hair yesterday or the day before or something and I really like how it turned out.
Recall, if you will....
Original blue hair:


Which faded in a month and a half or so to this:


Which I liked but was getting a bit too green. Also my roots were starting to come in more. The blue-green was confusing to me because some people thought it was blue and some people thought it was green. On the same day a homeless guy yelled at me, "I like your SMURF HAIR!!!" and an old woman on the elevator told me I was all ready for St Patrick's day.
I didn't want to bleach again yet, so I decided to just go over it with blue but mix in some purple dye so that the red would cancel out the green. COLOURS!
Apparently blue dye + purple dye = purple dye. But since it went over already-blue hair, it turned out this awesome dark blue/purple/indigo colour. And it's super shiny yaayyyy

Awkward photobooth picture:

It's less dark and more purple in person. I very much like it.


Lianne said...

Love this colour!

Claire said...

you are still ramona.

it looks verr pretty.