Monday, May 23, 2011

Victoria Day

Hello, I've been back from Corvallis for about a week now. Toronto is getting warmer.

Since I dyed my hair from bleached blonde to jet black it started turning dark green in patches. It was really bugging me so I dyed it dark again on Friday. I used a dark brown instead of black and it covered up the ugly parts nicely. I managed to not wreck the bathroom or my hair but I now have dye marks all over my arms.

I have class Tuesdays and Thursdays now from 10-2, a three hour lecture followed by a one hour tutorial. I like the long lectures because I can settle in and concentrate and not have to think about anything else, but I don't like the tutorials because my TA kind of sucks. But at least she has a cool British accent. My professor is cool in a weird sort of way, he seems a bit run down but still very positive.

These pictures are from the fair forever ago, I just never posted them. I just scanned in like six new rolls of film and I have a lot that I want to put up, so I'll probably be doing a lot of little posts. But I like these pictures.

Today is Victoria Day here in Canada. Last night there were fireworks being set off in Queen's Park and I had a good view of them out my window. Basically Victoria Day is a joint birthday party for Queen Victoria and the current queen, but according to Wikipedia it also informally marks the beginning of Canada's summer season. Happy Victoria Day!


Claire said...

yay happy victoria day! I'm in bellingham right now, and my grandparents have been complaining about all the british columbians all over bellingham for the holiday weekend. One canadian driver cut my grandma off and she yelled "BITCH BUGGER DAMN!" which I will now be using for everything.

"gregory peck what are you doing?"

I loaf the fair pictures!

alv said...

Happy Victoria Day, Erin! It was so super nice to have you home, even if was just for a week. We'll see you in Toronto in about a month or so!

ian said...

those clowns are fucking creepy

Emlyn said...

pretty photos! All the light flares make me want to be at a carnival of some sort now. I was away from Canada for Victoria day, but I love it because I would forget I had a day off and it would creep up out of nowhere!