Friday, December 04, 2009

Melancholy vlogging

I'm sorry about this. You may have to turn up the volume cause I was talking kind of quietly so that people in the hall wouldn't hear me talking to myself. The walls here are REALLY THIN.

Soo, here are some pictures of my room! Notice the awesome posters and not-TOO-messy desk.

Hahaha, my side is cooler than Molly's boring side!

So anyway, see you soon.


Claire said...

words cannot describe how much i loved that video. that was like the coolest fucking thing on the fucking planet erin!
ahhhhhh man that made me miss you considerably more than i did this morning.

very JP metz like! except kind of sad... instead of angry. you're like eeyore! dude, for some fucking reason when i was a kid everyone thought i LOOOOVED eeyore and always gave eeyore shit, it pissed me off so much! MAN!
anyways, I will see you in fourteenish days! Until then... i miss you and loaf you! [btw, totally jazzing up the vlogs from here on out]

Claire said...

best vlog EVER.

i miss you and you erin-ness beyond words. two weeks!

Dawn said...

Love the vlog!!
Nice to see your room too. The posters are great, especially the Sixteen Candles one! I love that movie.
Give my condolences to Rifqi.
Can't wait til you're home!

Anonymous said...

Erin - that was awesome. Since I am very very old, I had not even heard of "vlogging".

Glad you are feeling better. I know your family wanted you to get free medical advice from me - glad you respected my time - unlike your dad!
Aunt Lianne

alv said...

I am so sorry to hear about McLovin and the females. Rifki should have called Lianne for medical advice! Of all the Halifax doctors under five feet tall - she's the best!

marinna said...

yay vlogs!!

consider yourself lucky about the 9 am flight.. mine is at 7:40 am!! woot!

ian said...

You always say to comment here so I thought I'd tell you that I got a 224 on the psats here

Claire said...

Marinna translation:
sorry about your misfortune
but my misfortune is greater.
suck it.

caro said...

Hi Erin,
I really like the vlog. Oma keeps asking me what is a vlog....and what is it these young kids are talking about all the time. and sadly i have no answers. because i myself know nothing.